1. Noé21 is an environmental group, part NGO, part engineer office. Noe21 reviews and promotes solutions to the climate emergency.


  2. Noé21 is a plural group, where complementary technical skills among its staff are considered fertile ground, and the diversity of philosophical opinions are welcome. Noe21 programs will favor decentralized solutions based on fostering behavior change, enhancing energy efficiency and technical solutions. However, short term technical solutions on the climate front that are detrimental to the environment on other grounds or who could delay sustainable climate solutions, such as nuclear power plants, carbon capture and storage, coal liquefaction, etc. will not be included in our basket of solutions. However if in the future any of these solutions demonstrate an environmentally affordable balance, we would be ready to endorse.


  3. For a 95% reduction of GHG emissions in industrialized countries by 2050 (IPCC recommendations) not only will we need renewable energy sources, but also energy savings and behavior changes.


  4. We live in a market economy that already has several regulations in place. We favor solutions that switch regulation so they aim at integrating all costs incurred, including environmental costs.


  5. To design and implement the solutions we study, dialogue is paramount. NGOs, employers, labor unions, scientists, bankers, industrialists and governments must work together, each within its field of competence. Noe21 acts to enhance stakeholder dialogue in the climate campaign.