Noé21: New Economic Orientation for the 21st Century

Noé21 is an independent association of public utility founded in 2003 and based in Geneva, whose mission is to identify, evaluate and promote solutions to climate change, with a constructive approach.

Noé21 is a competence center in the sense that it retains a critical look at the solutions it evaluated, and it focuses on both behavior change, innovative technology solutions and market instruments.

Noé21 is an organization in action, because it is committed to promoting and implementing the solutions it evaluated by influencing public policy, but also through seminars, carrying out research mandates and informing the general public.

Noé21 is a member of the Alliance for Climate, the European Office of Environment and Climate Action Network Europe CAN-E. Noé21 is accredited to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).