CO2: Tomorrow I quit


As a first step, Noé21 carried out a census amongst the NGOs working in this field (FÖS, EEB, WWF, SLL) and through these first contacts it was able to enter the established network of organizations dealing with climate change.

As a result of these exchanges it became clear that there was a need for an effective tool capable of communicating concisely the implications of climate change as well as transmitting clearly the complexities of market based instruments to reduce CO2 emissions. Therefore, in 2005 we began the production of a film entitled “CO2: Tomorrow I quit”, which focuses on the Ecological Tax Reform as a market instrument to reduce CO2 emissions by increasing taxes on polluting energies and using this capital to simultaneously alleviate the costs of employment and renewable energy development.

“CO2: Tomorrow I quit” is a didactic and entertaining tool for dialogue and it assists us in contacting and communicating with different partners such as NGOs, industry, syndicates, management, politicians etc.

The film comprises two parts. The first consists of a five-minute introduction in which we endeavor to describe the greenhouse effect, the limits to growth, the limits of the economic systems we live in, and the reasons why people resist change. In part two, which has more original content, we attempt to explain what is the scope of environmental tax reform. In both parts, the spotlight alternates between two viewpoints presented in what we hope is a balanced fashion, one factual and scientific, the other emotional and subjective. To break down the barriers…

The film was released in January 2006. Our main job in 2006 was to promote the 12 minute documentary film. This film is intended for a broad audience, but mainly for decision makers, to make sure they are aware of the urgency of the global warming problem and of the solutions studied by UN bodies like IPCC.

The film was shown in the following meetings and events:

  • EEB Workshop on the Ecological Tax Reform, January 2006
  • Ecological Tax Reform: Access to the stakeholders: regional Workshop of FÖS and SEI (Stock env instite), Tallinn 11.04.2006
  • Kyotoplus, organised by Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin, September 2006