Fossil fuel divestment

Divestment campaign from Noe21 &

The American Association discovered that large sums were invested by pension funds in oil companies. Many people invest unknowingly through their pension fund in fossil energies because most often, the investment in finding new oil and gas fields are unknown to the beneficiary (bank account holders, pensioners, contributors social funds), and it is a way to finance global warming. So this campaign aims to create a movement of financial disinvestment out Industry exploration, extraction and refining of hydrocarbons.

In Geneva, the campaign is led by Noe21 and exerts a positive pressure on the CPEG (a pension fund for the employees of the canton) to bring fossil fuels to their exclusion list consisting of the defense industry, tobacco, nuclear and pornography. The pension fund CAPP will be the next contacted by the Divestment program.

  • For more information download the project sheet (PDF in French)