Honorary Committee

Lisa Mazzone
MP in the National Council (Geneva)
« The urgency of climate change calls for concrete solutions to bring about a global change. With its numerous competencies and astute analyses, Noé21 brings a solid contribution to this transformation. »


Gérard Fatio
Former  Chief Executive Officer of SIG (Geneva Industrial Services)
« The current positive progress needs to be fuelled by the actions and determination of Noé21. »


Isabelle Chevalley
MP in the National Council (Vaud)
« Since its foundation in 2003, Noé21 contributed to the debate on shifting energy policies by observing and documenting the best practices abroad, with a manner of communication destitute of confrontation, and aroused public curiosity; they are an exemplar on broadening public interest.  »



René Longet
Sustainable development expert,
Board-member of Switzerland’s leading energy utility.
« A new energy paradigm will only emerge out of the constructive interaction between diverse categories of actors;  Noé21 pushes forth the convergence of the necessary forces and ideas regarding the future of energy. »


Robert Cramer
MP in the Council of States (Geneva)
« In this age of fake news, Noé21’s work is extremely precious. In a field such as environmental protection which is often technical, rigorous documentation is the base of all effective actions. » 



The specific decisions and policies taken by Noe21 do not necessarily reflect the views of the members of the honorary committee.