Noe21’s Position Report

One of the main activities of Noe21 is to study and to evaluate the solutions to the climate change. For this we wrote several reports which take again some of the studied solutions.

Heat Pumps & Refrigerants in Switzerland – Summary
Presentation of heat pumps and synthesis of the market situation in Switzerland. Assessment of the environmental impact in terms of global warming linked to synthetic refrigerants.

Smart metering contributions to the DSM: state of the art and lessons of the practice

This study shows in which circumstances the smart metering can have an effect on the Demand Side Management.

Cooling without air conditioning: Study on alternatives

The study relates to systems for controlling the air to decrease the indoor temperature. This research looks to “hybrid known” technology mechanically powered, using natural resources. The different natural cooling systems used in this study are feasible and are currently used for years but too often overshadowed by the arrival of techniques to remove the climatic constraints.

Biochar, valuable carbon solution?

Noe21 wrote a report on biochar (method of CO2 capture) while taking as a starting point the last evolutions in this field, both on the plan of the carbon markets and on the maintenance and the preservation of the soils.

Airships: an alternative to the civil aviation?

Noe21 made a study on the airships lighter than the air in order to evaluate their potential like replacement for transports by reaction planes, voracious in fossil energies and with the future prospects very uncertain.