Nuclear decomissioning in Switzerland

Noé21 is preparing a symposium on the dismantling of nuclear power plants.

The following Swiss personalities support the event:

“A growing number of the existing 450 reactors around the world are faced with the reality of dismantlement. The deconstructions already in progress highlight considerable difficulties and set backs. It’s time to take stock of the legacy we will leave of the nuclear age.”
René LONGET, expert on sustainable development, director of power generation companies, vice president of SIG (Geneva public utilities agency).


“The development of nuclear energy after the 2nd World War, without generating sustainable solutions for the disposal of its waste, was one of the most irresponsible actions committed by humankind to date. Let’s at least have the decency to minimise the risks and burdens for the future generations, and as quickly as possible!”
Walter WILDI, geologist, honorary professor at the University of Geneva, former Chairman of the Federal Nuclear Safety Commission (NSC-KSA)


The dismantling of nuclear power plants is a crucial challenge we must face in order not to leave to future generations the task we had no courage to undertake. The symposium organized by Noé21 will contribute to meeting this challenge.
Isabelle Chevalley, (Federal MP, Vaud)


Marcos Buser, geologist and social scientist, Institute for Sustainable Waste Management (Zurich). Former member of the Federal Nuclear Safety Commission (NSC-KSA)



“The lack of experience in Switzerland with the dismantling of nuclear power plants generates aversion to discuss the subject. This is why it is so important to listen to the American and German specialists that Noé21 is inviting.” Regula Rytz, Federal MP (Bern)



Dr Dick Marty, former State Councillor (Federal MP, Ticino)