Wood and CO2 -Training continues

Noé21 organizes seminars in collaboration with continuing education “Forest and Landscape” (www.fowala.ch) with the aim of supporting the transfer of knowledge in the field of the forest and of its management.

Wood energy has an important role to play in Switzerland and should increase its influence in the field of heating, especially district heating networks. In addition new ways of wood utilization are possible thanks to new technology development.

  • 2011 – Build in Wood to mitigate CO2 emissions [PDF in French]

This seminar concerning wood construction is based on the idea that cement is very CO2 intensive, and wood isn’t. So constructing in wood should allow us to save some CO2, and we should be able to value this saved CO2.

  • 2008 – Which valuations of the carbon for forests and wood [PDF in French]
  • 2007 – Which role plays the forest in the credits carbon markets [PDF in French]